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For stage 2 of the FilmFish Family Fishing Competition, we are inviting tackle industry wholesalers, charter and marine electronic companies to sponsor fish categories for the new competition format.

12 x $1,000 RRP Branded Prize Packs for Category Winners per year, . Note this $1000 prize pack is a random drawn monthly between the 10 longest fish trophy winners 

1 x $500 RRP Branded prize packs for each of the 10 categories per month. Note this $500 RRP Branded pack is random drawn monthly were every member of the family that uploaded a fish into one category has a chance to win

A sponsor brand can own one of the 10 categories for 12 months being to supply and ship to winners monthly with a total of 12 x $500 RRP prize packs per year. The sponsor brand exposure is seen in media releases on website and social media.

FilmFish is an online fishing comp for the whole family to get involved in. Each month we are giving away 20k in prizes including a boat, motor and trailer package. Our comp was established in June 2021 by Dave Moss (Mossy) with an aim to collect valuable fish data utilising the SCF Research and Events smartphone app.

Our goals are to encourage sustainable recreational fishing practices for individual and families. While collecting fishing data, citizen science, fish stocks, the health of waterways and catchment areas.

All profits will be donated to fish habitat & restoration projects


With his vast knowledge and enthusiasm for fishing, Dave Moss (Mossy) is nationally known fishing presenter and enthusiast who has fishing in his blood. Dave picked up his first rod at the age of six and with a pro-fisherman father, his knowledge, skill and enthusiasm for fishing has only grown. Mossy travels the country with the Shimano Reef Science Fishing Tank and keeps audiences enthralled with his highly entertaining show, passing on his years of knowledge and experience. His passion for fishing led him to create a family focussed online fishing competition FilmFish in 2021. Using his platform to promote recreational fishing, junior and women's development and collecting fishing data, citizen science, fish stocks, the health of waterways and catchment areas. Most importantly paving the way for future generations to love and experience fishing.  


Our competition is run utilising the SCF research and events smartphone app which collects valuable data on all fish submitted. Each individual photo is analysed for fish health issues such as cloudy eye, skin defects, previous injuries, parasites. Over the past three years SCF has become the largest Citizen Science collector for recreational fishing and with your help will continue to have the most accurate understanding of waterways across Australia. 

Your fishing locations are will never be accessed by FilmFish or SCF and will only be used to provide heat map data to relevant government and environmental bodies. 

To learn more about SCF visit scfaustralia.com.au

Category Sponsorships

12 x $1,000 Branded Prize Packs with one random drawn between the monthly Category Winners.

10 x  Categories with $500 branded Prize Pack random drawn for each category per month  

NOTE if more sponsors than 10, Filmfish will open another branded category

Your sponsorship will assist us in promoting sustainable recreational fishing practices, junior and women's development, collecting fishing data, citizen science, fish stocks, the health of waterways and catchment areas.

For your investment we will feature your brand on our social platforms, website, prize packs and email direct marketing. Our FilmFish audience continues to experience rapid growth due to our commitment to paid marketing campaigns, influencer marketing, event promotions and industry connections.


Rob Paxevanos - Fishing Australia Tv
Scotty Hillier - Creek to Coast