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Full Details

FilmFish Australia is a national online fishing competition created by Dave Moss. Dave has years of industry experience running the Shimano Reef Science Fishing Tank at major events all over the country. It has been Dave's dream to create a family friendly fishing competition with the goal to promote sustainable fishing practices, collect valuable data and help protect Australian waterways. 

Our competition is run utilising the SCF research and events smartphone app which collects valuable data on all fish submitted. Each individual photo is analysed for fish health issues such as cloudy eye, skin defects, previous injuries, parasites. Over the past three years SCF has become the largest Citizen Science collector for recreational fishing and with your help will continue to have the most accurate understanding of waterways across Australia. 

Your fishing locations are will never be accessed by FilmFish or SCF and will only be used to provide heat map data to relevant government and environmental bodies.