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NExt steps

Step 1 - Download the SCF Research & Events App - App Store + Google Play

Step 2 - Watch the ‘HOW TO USE’ video below.

Step 3 - Submit all your catches into the ‘FilmFish Event’ on the App.

(Please submit all fish of all sizes)

How to use

SCF Research & Events Smart Phone App

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The competition starts monthly at 12 am on the first of each month and runs until 12 pm on the final day of the month.

The photo must be of a fish on a brag mat or decent measuring device that shows the correct total length.

The photo must’ve been taken on a smartphone, SLR or GoPro with the correct time stamp.

You must only use original images.

All entries are verified for authenticity using our image identification software.

You must fill in all the basic requirements when submitting. E.g. size & species.

You must have an active subscription prior to submitting fish.

All fish must be caught within Australia. 

(Please note, your subscription is not linked to the SCF App and you will be required to setup accounts on both)


Our competition is run utilising the SCF research and events smartphone app which collects valuable data on all fish submitted. Each individual photo is analysed for fish health issues such as cloudy eye, skin defects, previous injuries, parasites. Over the past three years SCF has become the largest Citizen Science collector for recreational fishing and with your help will continue to have the most accurate understanding of waterways across Australia. 

Your fishing locations are will never be accessed by FilmFish or SCF and will only be used to provide heat map data to relevant government and environmental bodies. 

To learn more about SCF visit scfaustralia.com.au